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PBT Contractors extensions

An extension can transform a property into a bulding that suits your needs.

PBT Contractors Bristol can build all types of extensions. Whether single storey or double storey, we can undertake complete extension projects from foundations and groundworks, right up to the roof.

Why extend?

An extension is a great way to add extra space to an existing home or commercial building, whether at the side, rear or front of your property. House extensions can be an attractive alternative to the cost and hassle of moving home – gain the space you need by extending your existing property. Extensions can increase the living area, give extra space for a family kitchen or add an extra room. It may be that an extension allows a property to be reconfigured, for example adding an extra, larger bedroom while a smaller bedroom is converted to be a family or en suite bathroom.

Types of extension

Typical building extension projects include using the driveway or passageway at the side of a property to extend and add an extra room at ground floor level. Double height extensions allow the addition of extra rooms at both ground and first floor levels. If your home has an attached garage, this can be replaced with a double height extension, either allowing extra living space on both storeys, or perhaps retaining a garage at the lower level with an extra bedroom being added above. Another common option is the addition of an extension at the rear of a property.


PBT Contractors can advise you on the design of your extension, as well as obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval. For smaller extension projects, planning permission may not be needed.